about me

this is going around the room and saying a fun fact about yourself times a million so I'm going to obsess over it for 4 months then i will write it properly. This is a quick placeholder because I am trying to improve the navigation of my shop so I needed to make a drop down menu and it asked for pages like FAQs and About me so here we are:
My name is Felicity, grew up in country Australia, moved to the city, I have two dogs and I have always been making things. Anything. My weekends were filled with watching Art Attack and making my gran take me to Spotlight and this is the result of never stopping doing that. I've been embroidering for a year, making jewellery for two years. I am inspired by everything around me, the shapes and colours of things, things that sparkle and ignorant style tattoos. I like silly and absurd things. (imagine this is the part where you feel really inspired)