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Home is People.
I made this design from ignorant style tattoo flash after spending Christmas with my family. My family home might potentially be sold in the next months/next year and I'm devastated, but accepting about it. That house means everything to me, it's my whole life up until I left for Uni, it's every day when friends came over, it's eating cake batter, it's all the seasonal changes, it's lying down in front of the fire watching whatever movie my parents were watching, the dinners, the parties, it's all day TV when it rained, it's when I smashed my head into a fireplace and got stitches, it's memories, it's where my mother passed away. But after spending time with my family this particular Christmas, when I hadn't seen my sister for all of Covid (and it got a little hairy about whether we'd be able to make it at all) we were lucky enough to spend it together and I realised the house is a house and home is people.

10cm Natural Bamboo Handmade by me